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Fully Managed
Vending Services
London Coffee Machines can
offer a fully managed or operated
vending service for the vending and
coffee equipment that we supply.

Serviced operations / managed vending services

London Coffee Machines can offer a Fully Managed Vending or operated vending service for the vending and coffee equipment that we supply. What this means is that one of our operators will visit your premises to keep the machines filled and cleaned. This obviously takes all of the hassle and work away from your staff and allows our experienced and trained operators to keep your machines filled and operating at their most efficient as well as taking the stress of cash handling away from you and your staff. In addition out staff are continually checking the drink quality and liaising with our customers’ staff to ensure a high satisfaction level alongside our range of low cost cleaning, filling and preventative maintenance services. Whether you need daily visits from our team, or weekly cleans to maintain great tasting, quality coffee, you can be sure we have a solution to suit. We pride ourselves on offering a large and appealing snack and confectionary range. In addition to popular branded products, we also stock healthy and ethical options, and keep up to date with changing tastes and new product launches.

We offer this service on snacks, cold drink and the larger floor standing coffee vending machines. It is less practical to offer a fully managed service on the smaller table top coffee machines. Often a customer will require several small bean to cup coffee machines spread over a large site with one designated vending area for the snacks and cold drink equipment. In this case the customer will look after the small table to coffee machine and our operators will look after the larger vending equipment. If you have staff on site available to offer the vending machines we are happy to provide them on a self-fill/DIY basis and can offer all of the service support and staff training that you will require to manage the machines yourselves.