Whole Coffee beans
A bean to cup machine is only as good
as the beans that you put in it, so it is
important that you choose the right
product for your staff or customers.

Kenco Whole Coffee Beans

A bean to cup machine is only as good as the beans that you put in it, so it is important that you choose the right product for your staff or customers. Luckily Kenco offer a range of great quality coffees for use in this equipment.

The Kenco roast & ground range has been developed over a number of years using 100% Arabica beans. They use only Arabica beans because their aromatic and distinctive characteristics guarantee a superior taste for Kenco roast & ground coffee. Arabica beans are widely seen in the industry as the best quality of coffee bean available.

All the beans for the roast & ground range of Kenco Westminster Medium Roast, Kenco Sustainable Development Medium Dark Roast and Kenco Italia Dark Roast are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. To earn the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal, organisations must eliminate the use of the most dangerous pesticides, and reduce water pollution and soil erosion. These farms can also contribute to local conservation initiatives through restoring wildlife habitat and preventing deforestation; and it is on these farms that Kenco’s Arabica coffee cherries are grown.

On Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, workers and their families are treated with respect and have access to clean water, medical care and education for their children. Rainforest Alliance certification also helps to ensure a decent wage for workers. It is for these myriad good reasons that Kenco have decided that only Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans will do.

Kenco Sustainable Development

The Kenco Sustainable coffee, our most best-selling bean, is a medium to dark roast coffee. As with the other Kenco beans this is produced from 100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans. It has a rich taste and will produce a cappuccino or latte that will appeal to most people. The Kenco Sustainable Development coffee bean is our best-selling whole coffee bean and has proven to be highly successful when used through equipment such as the Korinto or Kobalto bean to cup coffee machines. This coffee is also available packaged in a variety of sizes as a ground coffee for filter and bulk brew machines such as the Bunn and Bravilor range of equipment.

Whole Coffee Beans Italia

Kenco Italia is a dark roasted bean, again produced from 100% Arabica beans. They are darkly roasted in an Italian style to deliver an unmistakably rich flavour and intense aroma. Kenco Italia is ideal for a straight espresso or a cappuccino with an Italian kick and is proving to be increasingly popular in London particularly. This coffee bean offers even the most discerning coffee expert the authentic Italian-style coffee experience.

Whole Coffee Beans Westminster

The Kenco Westminster is a medium roast bean and is ideal as a “breakfast coffee”. A classic blend of 100% Arabica beans, Kenco Westminster is distinctively smooth and has a well-rounded flavour. Kenco Westminster is the perfect blend for a simple black or white coffee, although probably not ideal as the espresso base for cappuccinos or lattes. Specially selected and blended, Kenco Westminster beans deliver the perfect cup of coffee for you to enjoy at any time of day. This coffee has had huge success as a ground coffee for filter and bulk brew machines.

If you would like some advice as to which bean might be most suitable for you then please call the office and one of our coffee experts would be delighted to offer you the benefit of their vast experience. Once you have decided on the right coffee bean for you, our technicians have the knowledge and ability to set up your bean to cup coffee machine in the correct way in order to get the best possible drink.

Carte Noire Whole Coffee Beans

Carte Noire whole coffee beans allow you to bring a level of continental sophistication to your coffee offering.  This exciting new product will allow you to improve the quality of your hot drinks be it in an exclusive London office or an up market hotel or coffee shop.  These whole coffee beans, roasted using the famous “fire and ice” process, are now available through London Coffee Machines and are suitable for use in any of our wide range of bean to cup coffee machines.  In addition to the high quality of the actual coffee the brand is associated with class, sophistication and refinement.

In addition to the coffee beans themselves we can provide a wide range of marketing and point of sale material for use in sites where you may be selling Carte Noire coffee to the public.  This kind of support is invaluable for outlets such as hotels and cafes.

If you would like to learn more about using these beans through on of our coffee machines, or through your own existing coffee equipment then please call the office on 0208 111 1122. Possibly the biggest endorsement that we can give these coffee beans is that they are what we choose to use in the coffee machine at our offices!

Lavazza Whole Coffee Beans

In recent times Lavazza has become well known throughout London and the rest of the UK as THE leading brand of high quality Italian coffee.  London Coffee Machines are proud to be able to supply a range of Lavazza coffees including whole coffee beans and coffee pods as well as the coffee equipment that you will require to deliver your delicious Lavazza coffee through.  If you are looking for premium coffee to enhance the image of your office or hotel then Lavazza may well be the coffee brand for you.  A wide range of machine branding and point of sale material is available for you to enhance your offering.  Lavazza are experts in the roasting and grinding of coffee in order that you can offer your customers and staff a true Italian coffee experience.  For more information about any of the Lavazza range of coffees please call us on 0208 111 1122.