Troubleshooting Your Krea Coffee Machine

If you are having issues with your Krea coffee machine, then London Coffee Machines troubleshooting guides can help. Have a look through our more frequently asked questions. If you cant find the solution you need we are happy to help.

krea coffee machine troubleshooting
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Krea coffee machine frequently asked questions

The Krea coffee machine isn’t dispensing any milk/chocolate?
remove mixing bowls and check for blockages. Clean them if necessary. Also confirm that there is whitener and chocolate powder in the relevant cansiters.

The Krea coffee machine won’t dispense coffee?
make sure grout bin is emptied and the waste/grout counter is reset. Also check that there are coffee beans in the hopper and that the green shutter is in the open position to allow beans to flow.

The Krea display shows “WASTE CONT FULL”?
empty grout bin and then reset the counter. You will need to open the door to do this.

The Krea coffee machine display shows “EMPTY THE TRAY”?
empty liquid waste tray at the bottom of the machine. You will need to open the door to do this.

Can I run a cleaning cycle?
Press and hold the bottom right hand button until “PASSWORD” appears on the display. Enter the mixer wash password. The machine will then run hot water through the brewer unit and the two mixing bowls.

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