Troubleshooting Your Lavazza Easy Coffee Machine

If you are having issues with your Lavazza Easy coffee machine, then London Coffee Machines troubleshooting guides can help. Have a look through our more frequently asked questions. If you cant find the solution you need we are happy to help.

lavazza easy coffee machine troubleshooting
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Lavazza Easy frequently asked questions

My Lavazza Easy coffee machine is not dispensing milk/chocolate?
Check that the product hoppers have milk/chocolate powder in the. Also check that the mixing bowl is not blocked. If it is then remove it and clean thoroughly.

The coffee machine display shows “FILL WATER TANK”?
Remove the water tank from the coffee machine and fill with drinking water. Then replace water tank. Make sure that the tank is always removed from the coffee machine before you fill with water.

The coffee machine display is blank/no power to the machine?
Make sure that the power is switched on at the socket and the switch on the back of the machine is also switched on.

The coffee machine display shows “MIXER WASH REQUIRED”?
Run the automatic cleaning cycle.

The coffee machine display shows “EMPTY CAPSULE DRAWER”?
Empty the waste bin of used coffee pods.

Coffee is dispensed slowly/only in drops?
Carry out an automatic washing cycle.

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