The Rainforest Alliance is a non profit organization and regulatory body that helps to promote a sustainable way to produce many agricultural products like coffee, tea and chocolate in those areas of the world that grow them such as Central America and Africa.

It differs from other certificating organizations in that it believes that there are 3 main pillars that are interlinked and co-dependant upon each other to create a truly sustainable way to grow crops like coffee beans.

These are:

  1. Environmental Protection – this focuses on teaching farmers growing methods that minimise its impact on the ecosystem and protect & preserve wildlife and the natural environment such as tropical forests, grasslands etc.
  2. Social Equity – this promotes better living conditions for farmers, migrant workers and their families by ensuring that health care is accessible as well as education for the families children.
  3. Economic Viability – through better farming techniques and the development of better growth management practices farmers are empowered to be able to command a fair price for their harvests.

By committing to these 3 pillars farms may achieve certification by the Rainforest Alliance  and certified farms are regularly checked to make sure they are maintaining the Sustainable Agricultural Network (SAN) Standards needed to be Rainforest Alliance certified.

It is through the adoption of SAN Standards by more and more farmers across many parts of the world that The Rainforest Alliance is working to protect and conserve our ecosystems now and for future generations to come.