Troubleshooting Your Korinto Coffee Machine

If you are having issues with your Korinto coffee machine, then London Coffee Machines troubleshooting guides can help. Have a look through our more frequently asked questions. If you cant find the solution you need we are happy to help.

korinto coffee machine troubleshooting
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Korinto coffee machine frequently asked questions

Milk is not coming out?
Check mixing bowl and pipe is clean and unblocked. Check there are milk granules in the milk hopper.

Coffee based drinks are not working?
Check grout bin is empty and remember to empty it with the door closed and the machine powered up. Check that the bean hopper has coffee beans in. Check that the green shutter at the bottom of the bean hopper is open

My Korinto coffee machine is leaking?
Check all internal pipes are connected. Check pipe at back of the machine is properly connected. Check blue mixing bowl is attached properly

Can’t reset “empty grout bin” message on my Korinto coffee machine?
Make sure that the door is closed when you remove the grout bin to empty it.

Coffee tastes stale/bitter?
Make sure to only use fresh coffee beans. Only put enough coffee beans for 1 – 2 days use into the bean hopper. The open bag of beans should be re-sealed tightly and kept refrigerated in order keep them as fresh as possible.

Is there an automatic flush cycle?
This can be set up. If it has been set up then it can be activated by pressing and holding the hot water button while the door is closed. This will bring up 4 “#” symbols. Then press the water button 4 times to run the cycle. This cleans the coffee brewer unit and the mixing bowl. Make sure that you have a cup or jug underneath the nozzle as this is where the water will be dispensed from.

Can drink size and coffee strength be adjusted?
Yes they can be but this is best performed by one of our technicians.

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